Photo Rental Prague

Equipment rental


We have an extensive collection of lighting, grip, and camera equipment available for rent. Whether you want a single 20x20 butterfly frames, or Profoto Pro-10 packs, pro heads, giant reflectors, skypanels or ARRI hmi, we've got you covered.

We rent Canon and Nikon cameras with most of lenses, Apple computers or Eizo monitors.

You can also order local experienced lighting assistants, DIT specialist or just a driver for your job.

There is no problem to deliver equipment to central Europe destinations as Bratislava, Budapest, etc…

For full list of available equipment see the PDF bellow.

If you need something which is not in list tell us about that and we will get it for you as best as we can.
Our rental grows organically and we probably have more than you can find on the list.

Equipment list pdf

Equipment list xls - can be used as order list