Photo Rental Prague
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Our Studios

Photo Rental Studios is a professional photography and film rental studio house located in city of Prague, Czech Republic. You can choose between our Studio 1 - large one - or Studio 2 for smaller productions. Both are in one area close to each other (200m).

Studio 1

Our spacious 300 sq meters studio with large cyc cove, an extensive in-house rental department can accommodate most of productions. There is a 8m x 9m cyclorama, and a height clearance of 12m, its also possible to drive in by big truck (door 3,8x2,8m). Studio can be heated or air conditioned.

Our hair and makeup stations give your stylists and talent an out of the way area to work. There are two station located in an old shipping container with own heating, mirrors, etc. You can of course use our perfect coffee maker, little kitchen or outside yard. Your clients can work or relax in 2nd floor client zone and still see how shooting goes.

Studio 2

If you don't need a 300 sq meters studio our Studio 2 might be perfect for you. It's slightly smaller at 100 square metres and a height clearance of 8m and doesn't have a cyclorama wall, but it has plenty of space for most smaller fashion or advertising shoots and it's easier on the budget. You can also use natural light coming in. We can deliver all equipment from our close rental.